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The Two Day Diet

- or just the shits...

sunny 28 °C

Da vi ankom Sancti Spiritus etter Santa Clara bestemte jeg meg for at det jammen var paa tide med en diett saa paa bussen til Camaguey kjempet jeg for aa holde meg i 4timer for vi endelig ankom byen og jeg fikk sluppet ALT jeg hadde i meg ut baade foran og bak paa noen timer. Deilig med en real rens dere! Anbefales!

- Linn

I shall translate for all the normal people.

Linn got the squirts in Sancti Spiritus which is now named Sancti SquirtyASS. There is nothing more romantic than listening to your...

Anyway, Cuba is nice. It´s hot. I saw a humming bird. Linn flirts with black men. She called me fat. I got electrocuted. We ate a turtle - screw you Green Peace!


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So far...

So good...

sunny 28 °C

Cuba has been fun. Started in Havana, took a chocolate train to Matanzas, took a sexy American 50's car to Colon, got fed by orphans for free (they had some good food) and took a rubbish bumpy crap van to Santa Clara.

Wierd thing happened last night though... Those of you who believe in 'signs' would love it...

We were eating dinner (lobster - travellers!!) and I was telling Linn I had been to visit her 14 times so far (and that is a lot) then, just as I finished the CD changed to 'Here Comes The Bride!'... Awkward... Now Linn wants to go to Las Vegas to get married. She's a freak. I think we'll just have babies instead.

Ross. x

Oh, and we met a Norwegian Cuban on a roof in Havana... Who'd have thought it!

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sunny 28 °C

We´re in Cuba. Internet is crap.

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Almost there

- preparing for Friday the 13th

snow -6 °C

Ross is starting this trip by making his way from Krakow to Frankfurt through Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic in two weeks. I, on the other hand, am back in Norway doing all the things he forgot to think about. Like getting a first aid kit together - the one thing I asked him to bring -, making a very optimistic blog and making sure I've bought enough small, useless things that are very cute from the travel store.

This trip will be the first time we spend more than ten days together in a row. Let's see how long a Scottish man & Swiss-Norwegian woman can last.

- Linn

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